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 June 25-28, 2015

2014 Fishing for Memories Results

Best Inshore Boat – Squeal N Reel

Best Offshore Boat – Perseverance

Biggest Rodeo Fish – Shawn Dugas, 116.25lbs, Grouper, Perseverance

Kayak Champion – Jeff Cavell




Catfish Any Species

1st Clayton Rachalla, 21.85 lbs, The Devil

2nd Grant Hardin, 13.93 lbs, VIP

3rd Clayton Rachalla, 5.71 lbs, The Devil



1st Hunter Broussard, .92 lbs, Duck Butter

2nd Hunter Broussard, .78 lbs, Duck Butter

3rd Hunter Broussard, .75lbs, Duck Butter



1st Marie Lemoine, 8.34 lbs, Lil Hell

2nd Grant Trahan, 8.32 lbs, Knot Working

3rd Grant Trahan, 8.15 lbs, Knot Working


Speckled Trout

1st Isaac Duhon, 3.23 lbs, Saltwater Mafia

2nd Jaden Broussard, 3.14 lbs, DBAC

3rd Tyler Durke, 2.48 lbs, Saltwater Mafia





1st Zack Lissard, 59.20 lbs, Barracuga RODEO RECORD

2nd Jhy LeBlanc, 53.95 lbs, Night Moves

3rd Elliot Sale, 52.85 lbs, Night Moves



1st Darius Girouard, 19.70 lbs, Perseverance

2nd Scott Butaud, 18.45 lbs, Perseverance

3rd Don Olivier, 17.65 lbs, Fuel Knot



1st Shawn Dugas, 116.25 lbs, Perseverance RODEO RECORD

2nd Neil Schexnayder, 65.40 lbs, Reel Assassin

3rd Trent Frith, 64.65 lbs, Perseverance


King Mackerel

1st Danna Pullin, 46.95 lbs, Pole Rider RODEO RECORD

2nd Skip Schexnayder, 43.65 lbs, Mo Humpa

3rd Dennis Menard Jr., 42.10 lbs, Nauti-R-Knot


Mangrove Snapper

1st Elliot Sale, 10.83 lbs, Night Moves

2nd Brady Trahan, 10.80 lbs, Baracouga

3rd Troy Gardiner, 10.65 lbs, Unreel



1st Kelly Reed, 60.65 lbs, Pole Rider

2nd Ryan Boothe, 56.20 lbs, Nauti-R-Knot

3rd Elliot Sale, 43.95 lbs, Night Moves


Black Drum

1st Malcom Abshire, 38.45 lbs, Abshire Dream

2nd Robert Menard, 36.40 lbs, Bank Fish

3rd Clint Dutil, 36.25 lbs, Boat Dutil


Catfish Any Species

1st Kyle Lanclos, 34.50 lbs, Lanclos

2nd Lenis Abshire, 33.75 lbs, Little Ugly

3rd Lenis Abshire, 31.25 lbs, Little Ugly



1st Tammy Touchet, .98 lbs, Hook-Em & Cook-Em

2nd Michelle Foreman, .96 lbs, Duck Butter

3rd TJ Thompson, .94 lbs, On the Hook



1st Kelly Breaux, 3.94 lbs, Hooked Up

2nd Mike Mestayer, 3.31 lbs, Mikes Way

3rd Whitney Prados, 2.70 lbs, Bob’s Boat



1st Robert Jones, 86.35 lbs, The Flat

2nd Wayne Luquette, 85.85 lbs, Code 4

3rd James Deshotels, 79.90 lbs, The Flat


Speckled Trout

1st Dave Broussard, 6.72 lbs, DBAC

2nd Chad Guidry, 4.73 lbs, DBAC

3rd Mike O’Brien, 4.12 lbs, Katie O



1st Chad Koch, 16.89 lbs, Squeal Reel

2nd Chad Koch, 16.25 lbs, Sqeal N Reel

3rd Mike Stoute, 16.10 lbs, Clearwater



1st David Coburn, 113.35 lbs, Yellowfin Tuna, Knight’s Delight RECORD SET

2nd Trent Frith, 63.15 lbs, Yellowfin Tuna, Perseverance

3rd Darius Girouard, 62.80 lbs, Yellowfin Tuna, Perseverance



YOUTH DIVISION - Catfish any species, Croaker, Speckled Trout & Redfish (One fish 16- 27 inches)

Prizes - 1st Lifetime Fishing License and trophies for 1st – 3rd places

KAYAK DIVISION - Redfish (weight of 2 fish 16-27”), Speckled Trout & Flounder

The overall Kayak Champion will be awarded to the individual with the most points on the final leader board for the Kayak Division (1st place - 3 points; 2nd - 2 points; 3rd - 1 point). The angler is also eligible to place fish in the Inshore Division with the same ticket. Prize - Plaque

ADULT DIVISION OFFSHORE - Cobia, Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi), Grouper, King Mackerel, Mangrove Snapper & Wahoo  Prizes - 1st $599 2nd $300 3rd $150

ADULT DIVISION INSHORE - Black Drum, Catfish any species, Croaker, Flounder, Garfish, Speckled Trout & Redfish*  Prizes - 1st $599 2nd $300 3rd $150

*For the Redfish category only, the total weight for 2 fish 16- 27 inches will be entered. Once weighed, the fish are marked by the Weigh Master and no longer eligible to be entered.


Any species NOT in the inshore and offshore categories is eligible except Sharks and Billfish. Prizes - 1st $599 2nd $300 3rd $150


Best Offshore Boat, Best Inshore Boat & Biggest Rodeo Fish Prizes - Plaques

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